How to end hunger in times of crises.
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How to end hunger in times of crises.
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How to end hunger in times of crises.

( UPM Press )

My most cordial congratulations to Ignacio Trueba and Andrew MacMillan for the breadth, content and vision of this book on an issue of such importance, relevance to the current global situation, and bearing on the future. Hunger is one of the oldest, most painful and continuing scourges affecting Humanity, but it is also one that can hopefully be resolved. Instead of food becoming a source of conflict, we must struggle to see that all people are assured access to adequate food, with dignity. This is the battle that we must win to attain lasting peace.

Ricardo Dez Hochleitner, Honorific President of the Club of Rome

Andrew MacMillan and Ignacio Trueba provide a concise, but lucid and challenging explanation of what hunger and malnutrition are about, and how to eradicate them. They recommend a shift from supply-driven to demand-driven approaches to combating malnourishment. They seek to link the short-term concern with putting an end to hunger, with a longer-term concern for sustainable food systems. They insist that we should not only improve production techniques, but also rethink patterns of consumption. This book contains truths too important to dismiss, but it is also a book of visionaries -- and it is a call for change we can only ignore at our own peril.

Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

This short, refreshingly blunt, book unmasks the global hunger problem; it calls for curbing excess food consumption and a shift to truly sustainable food production systems. It sees the failure of most governments to run their countries in ways that let all their people to eat adequately as nothing short of famicide, that leads to the needless premature death of millions of fellow humans. And it argues that ending hunger should not be seen as welfare but as a high-return investment in a more prosperous, fairer and safer world, less prone to crises.

Ambassador Tony Hall, Executive Director of the US Alliance to End Hunger, former member of Congress, and former US Ambassador to the UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture in Rome

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